11 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

Ever wondered how social media can be used for small businesses? It is immensely powerful and capable of giving you some amazing results. The platform is a powerhouse of over 4.2 billion users! The number has almost doubled up in the past 5 years. Interestingly, people are spending over 2.5 hours (minimum average) a day on social media. And this time is used in browsing more than interacting with family, friends, and acquaintances. Most business owners have no idea how powerful this time period can be for their business!

– It can help you build brand awareness
– Social media is great for developing customer relationships
– It is very helpful for making sales directly

Here are some tips to tap into the incredible power of social media into your small business:

1. Plan Well

Creating an account on social media platforms does not require money. You can create one on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for free! However, the actual marketing requires a plan. The first thing to do is to set social media goals and objectives. Make sure these are crystal clear, measurable, attainable, and hold relevant. The goals should be based on metrics having a real impact on your business.

2. Research the Competition

This is something most small businesses fail to do. Have a close look at how your competitors are using social media to attract clients and sales. The idea is not to copy their strategy but learning from them and use it in conjunction with your own ideas. You should do a competitive analysis to understand what’s working for other businesses and things that may not for a business like you.

3. Audit

In case, you are already using social media, it is time to evaluate your existing efforts. See if your efforts are worth it. Look at your business account and see if you were your potential client, would you follow you and buy from you? This exercise will help you improve your profile and include things that your client actually wants.

4. Social Media Calendar

If you have not been using a social media calendar, it is time to start using one. It is a very powerful tool that helps you to post the right content to the right social channels. The best part is that you can do it at the right time.

5. Content Rule

Keep the 80-20 rule in mind. Make sure you use 80% of your content to give value to your potential clients (inform, educate, or entertain). The rest 20% should be used to promote your brand or sell your products! Most people do the opposite which tends to hurt their business social media presence.

6. The Best Social Media Platform for You

It is not wise to make assumptions about which platform your audience spends most of their time on. Your instinct may not give you the correct answers. The idea is to look at the data. Research on the type of audience each platform has. For instance, at present Facebook is used by adults over age 65. This segment is currently the fastest-growing audience of Facebook. So, you need to understand if this audience is apt for the product/service sold by your business. In order to use social media for business efficiently, you should conduct your own research. This will allow you to understand the amount of time your audience spends their time online.

7. Know your Audience

Did you know social media allows you to micro-target your audience? In order to do this, you should know what your audience is. Compile data on your existing clients and evaluate social media analytics. This will help you understand your existing buyers and their interaction with you online. Try using tools that help you tap into valuable information such as top hashtags, some referral sites, and social authors holding apt relevance to your business. Defining your audience will let you create buyer personas and know how to speak to your audience.

8. Build Relationships

Social media marketing for small businesses holds incredible power. It will let you have a direct conversation with potential customers and followers. Building and nurturing relationships with clients happens with regular feeds, story postings, reviews, and most importantly, showing yourself up on a regular basis. Apart from attracting new clients, you should also focus on retaining existing ones. Some of the best steps you can follow in this respect include:

– Create a Facebook Group
– Establish connections with other entrepreneurs and influencers in your niche
– Mention your followers in your posts and Stories
– Reshare fan tags on Instagram Stories
– Use Polls and other social platforms to interact with your audience

9. Keep Up with the Trends

Following a trend is not about leaping on each viral meme! It is about keeping a close eye on trends on social media and using it if you find it relevant to your business.

10. Have a Website

Having a website increases your credibility over social media platforms. Your audience will resonate with you in a better way. They trust you. There are a number of other social media tools you can use if having a website is not on your mind at present. These tools help you to sell directly from your social media account.

11. Professional Help

Reaching out to a social media strategist or a marketing company will help you a lot. They know exactly how to help you reach out to your audience and get a sale! Having a professional team handy will help you focus on other more important facets of your business such as products, vendors, research, and much more! There are a number of reliable social media marketing companies you can reach online.

The above-listed social media marketing tips will help you to incorporate this effective tool in the best way. If you have a business online, it is just the right time you should start using social media. This powerful platform will help you to attract more clients and sales.

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